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Sarah Outlaw
Sarah Outlaw, MH, MSACN is the Owner, Lead Practitioner & Director of Natural Health Improvement Centers of South Jersey & Des Moines. She holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition from New York Chiropractic College, and has earned professional certificates as a Health Coach, Clinical Herbalist, and Advanced Nutrition Response Testing® Practitioner. She is the author and publisher of the Real Life Outlaw blog, where she writes about real food, natural living, and holistic health. She is a renowned speaker nationwide and teaches on a variety of health topics.
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Jessica Milner
Jessica Milner, CECP, MSHN, is an Associate Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner at NHIC. Jess earned a culinary degree from The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College and a BS from Saint Joseph’s University before achieving her Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition, with Honors, from American College of Healthcare Sciences. Food has always been a passion of hers so a focus on nutrition was a natural progression, and after experiencing first hand what Nutrition Response Testing handled in herself and in her family, Jessica completed Professional Level training at Ulan Nutritional Systems.
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Nutrition Response Testing® saved my life! I wouldn’t be standing if not for Nutrition Response Testing®! Before I had the opportunity to experience Nutrition Response Testing®, I was not doing very well. Despite eating a real, whole food diet for the last 10+ years, it wasn’t the right diet for ME. My health would spiral after having babies. I had 4 miscarriages over the years and experienced bad cystic acne, stress, and fatigue. I started to stutter, couldn’t form a complete thought and could barely muster up the energy to leave my house. I had joint pain, migraines, and horrible stomach pains. I had Lyme Disease! I knew I was on a slippery slope to autoimmune disease. With four kids that I homeschooled at the time, two home businesses, and a career in health and wellness, this just wasn’t cool. I needed help!
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