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Do you have one or more health conditions that have become chronic?

Have you sought treatment from conventional or even alternative doctors but failed to notice or feel a change in your health? Have health concerns had a negative effect on your personal life, relationships with your spouse or children, at work, and/or in your personal finances?

Are you concerned that, if necessary changes are not done, your health problems won't improve over time and may perhaps grow worse?

We cordially encourage you to take part in our Health Improvement Program at the Natural Improvement Center of South Jersey if you can affirmatively respond to any or all of these questions and are prepared to make the required lifestyle adjustments to start your path to wellbeing. This software applies the method.In order to accurately identify the cause of the health issue and provide us with the tools to assist you in fixing it, this program incorporates the Nutrition Response Testing® process.
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What is Designed Clinical Nutrition?

"Designed Clinical Nutrition" is accurate.
Clinical: referring to the outcomes of actual practice or clinical use on a large number of patients over an extended period of time.
Nutrition: genuine food that was created by nature to help the body heal and develop healthfully.
A concentrated whole meal called Designed Clinical Nutrition is made as a tablet, pill, powder, or liquid using a special manufacturing technique that keeps all of the critical nutrients and active enzymes that enable it to function as Nature intended.

Clinical Nutrition

According to the positive reaction observed when tested against the active Nutrition Response Testing® reflexes that were discovered on your unique Nutrition Response Testing® analysis, these actual food supplements have been created to fulfill the needs of the body. These are nutrients that you are either not getting enough of in your current diet or not assimilating. Over-the-counter vitamins are NOT used in Designed Clinical Nutrition. Pharmaceutically created chemical portions of in vitro replicated vitamin structures are O-T-C vitamins. OTC vitamins lack many of the important components that are often found in WHOLE foods, making them ineffective as "real replacement parts."
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We assist you in identifying the precise nutrients you need to add to your diet in order to achieve balance and better health through an examination of your body's responses. To "supplement" your present diet, we provide you with these highly concentrated medicinal formulations in tablet, pill, powder, or liquid form. They are described as "food supplements" for this reason. In order to achieve the best results, we may also ask you to make a few particular changes to your routines, diet, and eating habits, depending on your unique scenario. Neither disease diagnosis nor treatment are done in Nutrition Response Testing®. The Food & Drug Administration has not reviewed these assertions. These items are not meant for medical diagnosis, treatment, prevention or cure.

What is Nutrition Response Testing®?

The Nutrition Response Testing® method is very accurate and rational. However, if Nutrition Response Testing® were used to assess you before it was explained to you, you might think it bizarre or unreal because it is most likely unlike anything you have ever encountered. A non-invasive technology called Nutrition Response Testing® analyzes the body to identify the underlying causes of disease. It assesses the body's reaction to a wide range of drugs that might be influencing health and function by speaking with the body's own natural intelligence through the use of muscular strength testing. We are putting your body's neurological responses to the test through our analysis. The body uses these reflexes to let us know what and how the nervous system is functioning. We put muscles, joints, organs, and glands to the test. These approaches reliably and consistently elicit a response from the body. Even in situations where all other measures have failed, this input is so accurate that it opens the path to a secure and long-lasting recovery.

GOOD NEWS! If given the right nutrients and care, your body can completely repair most anything.

It's crucial that you comprehend what Nutrition Response Testing® is and how it functions. If not, you are less likely to follow through and carry out the necessary actions to recover. You won't get the results you want if you don't follow through.

We are your one-stop-shop!

We offer comprehensive testing and proven individualized protocols at our offices.
We test for:

- Lyme
- Mold
- Parasites
- Metals
- Chemicals (especially pesticides)
- Food sensitivities
- Hormones
- Emotions
- Scar interference
- Immune system imbalances

And a whole bunch of other things!

Our testing is incredibly accurate and goes to the source of problems. We can even pinpoint its location in your body, its concentration, and if it is acute or chronic because to its extreme precision. We will locate everything that is generating issues in your system!
Nutrition Response Testing®
Testing of the body's own neurological responses and a few acupuncture points are used for the analysis. The Nutrition Response Testing® method examines the various spots and regions on the body's surface that are related to the health of the individual and the flow of energy in each and every organ and bodily function.

*The portion of the nervous system responsible for controlling every organ's function gives rise to the neurological reflexes. The acupuncture sites are chosen from the traditional Chinese acupuncture system, which dates back thousands of years.

*Each Nutrition Response Testing® response stands in for a particular organ, tissue, or function and expresses how the body is being affected by energy or a lack thereof. We have a system in place to monitor your body at each visit using these reflexes, and it has been clinically confirmed to be incredibly accurate. It allows us to determine exactly what the body needs and how effectively we are providing it.
*Most of the information contained on this page is courtesy of Ulan Nutritional Systems and Rehrig Natural Health. Used with permission.
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