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Sarah Outlaw, BCDHH
Dr. Sarah Outlaw, BCDHH is the Owner & Lead Practitioner of Natural Health Improvement Centers of South Jersey, South Carolina, Des Moines, & Virtual Worldwide. She is a Board Certified Holistic Doctor, holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition from New York Chiropractic College, and has earned professional certificates as a Health Coach, Clinical Master Herbalist, Functional Bloodwork Specialist, Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner, and Advanced Muscle Testing Practitioner. Sarah is the author and publisher of the Real Life Outlaw blog, where she writes about real food, natural living, and holistic health and has contributed to multiple books on natural health. She is a renowned speaker nationwide and teaches on a variety of health topics. Sarah has been in private practice for 10 years, and helping people on their natural health journeys with great results for going on 20 years.
Nicole L. Kizitaff, RDN, QNTP Associate Practitioner - NHIC South Jersey
Nicole began her career in nutrition studying nutritional science at The Pennsylvania State University. She graduated in 2008 and conducted her dietetic internship in the Philadelphia area. She immediately went into clinical nutrition as a Registered Dietitian where she continued her career as a clinical dietitian in the medical setting over the past 14 years. After years of educating patients on Medical Nutrition Therapy and starting her own wellness journey she realized that the main stream medical community did not have the answers to overall health. Researching holistic treatments and methods for her own health and then that of her children, she has found healing in the practical methods of nutrition response testing, functional nutrition and a holistic approach to health. She is now a mama of 4 children and is pivoting her career in nutrition to a holistic standpoint knowing that there are answers to helping people take back their health and ultimately their life!
Nicole can see patients in person at the New Jersey location or virtually worldwide.
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