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Our Additional Services

Herbal Therapies using the best quality herbs there are.

Nutritional Therapy using the highest quality whole food supplements proven to nourish and restore.

Flower Essence Therapy for handling emotional issues having physical manifestations.

Homeopathy which is “information medicine” getting straight to fixing root cause issues at the nervous system and cellular level.

Nutrition Coaching - find out what to eat, how to eat, and why. And so much more!

Emotion Code & Body Code - a muscle testing modality meant to handle the baggage we all have bogging us down emotionally causing physical symptoms and mental health issues.

Comprehensive Functional Bloodwork and Lab testing - We have partnerships with all the major functional lab companies and can offer any test under the sun at lower prices! Please note that NJ prohibits use of in-state labs to get the discount so our patients go to PA, MD, or DE to get the bloodwork drawn.

DUTCH testing for comprehensive hormone testing. This at-home test allows us to see exactly what your hormones and cortisol are doing.
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